Sunday, June 2, 2013


It's been busy around here lately! Here's I a few things I've been up to.
I've almost finished a ballerina strip quilt for a cousin of mine. Unfortunately, I think I may have to redo it without that beautiful rosette minky fabric because I didn't think about how heavy it would be when done, and I'm now cringing over how expensive it will be to ship to Germany.


Movie night in the garage! Joel's graduation gift (from tech school) was a projector, and it's been fun.
The garage has the biggest empty wall, so we hung up a queen sheet, and now, instant movie theater! :)

 I've taken to dying one of Dallas' ear. So far blue has been my favorite. Sam is NOT a fan of this.

Someone from our church randomly contacted me about making a cake for her son's birthday. I was a little nervous since I've only ever made them for family or friends. I was pretty happy with the results, and felt fine since I told her I'd do it for free or for $20 to cover the cost for all the ingredients whichever she decided. She ended up giving me $40 which I actually did not like. I went from feeling happy to really anxious that she'd be disappointed. Thus ends my baking career. ;)

We also got a new couch which is pretty amazing. I've been trying to convince Joel for years, and we finally ended up getting one when I gave up "hope."

Joel used to make fun of my junky furniture I'd come home with (and in his defense, I wasn't actually getting any of my projects done) but since moving, I've finally started catching up a little. He's been impressed with what a little paint can accomplish and even mentioned buying something with the intention of (me) painting it.

I don't have a before, but this was a really ugly magazine rack I got for $3 at goodwill.

Sam and Allie camped out for a few nights in the living room. Summer fun!

 Sam's birthday was fun. The Dollar Tree provided decorating supplies (everything for under $10!). I made my first attempt at a ball cake. It turned out kind of flatter than I hoped.

After a few failed attempts, I finally conquered a diaper clutch for a cousin of mine.
I ♥ diaper clutches, since you can just stuff your baby junk in there and throw it in your purse, and pretty much eliminate the need for a diaper bag. Here's the tutorial that worked for me:

And finally, another thrift store change, I found the large pink pillow for $4, and made a reversible slipcover for a new dog bed.


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  1. Love your new couch! And seriously, your skills at crafts and baking make me jealous ;)


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