Monday, June 24, 2013

Week in review...

Joel's birthday was Saturday. Finally!  Four months out of the year I'm a "year" older than him, but now he's old like me. ;) He actually took the whole week off, and it was pretty low key. Not much happened, but it felt relaxing!

For his birthday I made some homemade ice cream since he's not a cake guy (neither is Annaleigh, ironically enough since I love baking cakes). So goooood. We had Oreo chunks and fresh raspberries to add in. Ice cream pictures...

this is how I feel with a bowl of ice cream in front of me too!

haha, poor Owen. Have you ever seen someone look so sad while eating ice-cream? I think he knew he was getting ripped off by getting the store bought stuff. That or he was really really tired.

You can see Sam was trying to get a monopoly on the cookies ;)

love this guy!
As far as my whole working out thing, I'm going to do that on my other blog. Friday, Sam and I did some yoga together and at the end he says to me, "It's okay cause it was just you and me, but if we were in public you should be embarrassed." Hah! Thanks Sam!!
Anyways, I thought I should add that I realize that it's already a little dubious if I should even have one blog, let alone two, but it's complicated. It's complicated because every once in a while I write something that I want to share on Facebook, but at the same time sometimes I write pretty personal stuff, so I feel weird just sharing all that. BUT then again, the link to this blog is on my webpage and I don't actually care if anyone reads it (in fact I think it's great when my family and friends care enough to do so!!). I don't know I'm weird. I just have a very hard time actually sharing this blog with other people. It took me two years to share it with my mother-in-law who's one of my favorite people in the world. (Hi Jenni!) On a totally different side, I also kind of feel like recipes are actually pretty boring and no one cares unless they want a recipe. Basically, I guess my other blog is my digital recipe book and place that I can share non-personal life matters with others. Who knows?

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