Monday, June 10, 2013

why math is important

About six months back, I decided to make a quilt and had the great idea to buy precut squares to make it a simple project. I discovered "charm packs" and found someone selling twenty-two 5"x5" squares.  Enter bad math. Somehow, I decided that would make a quilt 55"x55". Okay. It's not just bad math, it's embarrassingly bad math.

Anyways, I finally came up with  a project for those silly squares and made Allie a reversible tote bag for library books:

For Sam, I made him a bag using an old BDU of Joel's that we had stashed away and sewed on a pocket that we also had lying around. I was feeling pretty nostalgic as I remembered the hours and hours I spent starching & ironing those things for him. (Joel was the last class that went through boot camp that got those awful things. It was like Christmas morning for me when he bought the new uniforms that don't need ironing.)
The pocket ended up being a nice feature, because you can still use it when the bag is in the reverse position.
This is also the first attempt at adding appliques to stuff. It was easier than I thought it would be-especially considering that I rushed through it. Although, I just realized that I put Annaleigh's "A" on backwards so maybe I should have taken a little more time...
Also, I'm dying a little over the cutness of this new Riley Blake collection. Most of the girls pieces are out of stock right now (at least on so I'll have to wait, but I did order a few different patterns. I'm running into the small problem where I'm kind of nearing the end of stuff I can justify making the kids. You know? How many aprons does one girl need. How many book bags? I'm getting near to where I'm ready to give my stuff away though.
I think this will be the first official thing I give away. A little diaper clutch for a new baby boy named Jude (his parents are big Beatles fans). Anyways, all this being said, I really need to get some housework done! All my projects lately have taken precedence over a little thing called laundry. :P



  1. cute! you are so talented! :)

  2. Love Riley Blake fabric! The bags are really cute. If you every "need" a print that you can't find somewhere. Try searching etsy under the supply catagory for Riley blake and the collection name. Lots of great fabric stores on there.


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