Monday, July 22, 2013

Grown up Furniture

We're getting our very first set of grown up bedroom furniture this Saturday. I am SO excited!! I've been thinking about it since we got married, haha. Joel was a good sport about it all. I'm a horrible horrible person to shop with. I get really nervous and then feel really guilty about spending money on something I want. At one point I was feeling sick about the cost (especially since Joel was fine with what we had) and I first called the whole thing off, and then tried to get the one where the entire set was the price of one of the dressers we ended up getting. I'm not a furniture snob...I think it's awesome that they have stuff so cheap, but you do get what you pay for, so thankfully Joel had more sense. Funny thing. I knew exactly what I wanted and we even picked this set out two months ago and have been waiting for the price to drop, but finally went back last Tuesday to buy it since it wasn't getting cheaper:
It's lovely, classic, and timeless and not at all what we ended up buying. What we got was a totally spur of the moment decision, and ironically a good bit more expensive. But we ended up just not getting a mirror for the dresser or a nightstand, and the price evened out thankfully. 

Here's our before room, and in a week or two I'll do the after!! :)
Allie will get our old bed (eventually Owen will get her twin) and her room will be the guest room on the rare occasions that we have people over. We're also upgrading from a full to a queen. Yay!
See that blanket on the bed corner? It's covering up this mess:
I LOVE tall beds, and this makes the bed  taller but the tradeoff is that it's really ugly. The blanket only covers one side and the rest are pretty visible.
all the pictures I've never bothered to hang...
my dresser. EVERY drawer is broken. It's awful.

Although I actually was really excited when that awful dresser moved from Allie's room to ours, because Joel and I have been sharing this little guy for the past year. Finally space for my undies! Owen's been without a dresser since the movers broke his, so he'll get this one.
Pretty, huh? I especially like the lamps without shades we've had for a while.
So anyways, there's our newlywed/college days bedroom. Can't wait for the grownup version to get here!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Annaleigh



her hair back then!!




I may be a few days slow, but I had to show off be fair and share some of my favorite Annaleigh pictures. :) The morning after her birthday Annaleigh came downstairs and said, "I'm four now, but I don't feel any bigger." Such a cutie! Right now, she's in the stage where she wants to do everything Sam is doing. She got some Legos for her birthday (Sam is really into those right now) and she stays up every night putting them together. I even found her doing them and reading TinTin (Sam's comic book) at the same time one night. Owen's lucky to have her too, because she loves that baby. She even told me the other day that we needed to have another baby so Owen would have a friend.

Allie's not really into dolls, but loves all her little animal toys. Her favorite game is to make a zoo with the blocks for them to live in. Every night she tries to trick us by saying she's scared of the dark so she can play in her bed longer, but when she's finally tired enough she'll decide "to be brave" and turn the lights out.  She loves for the dogs to sleep in her room, and many a time I've found them tied to her bed in her effort to make them be right next to her. Her favorite show is
The Little Einstein's, color-pink, animal-giraffe, and she really loves to eat "cheetahs".

She's also a pretty big contradiction. On one side her personality is totally this:
and on the other she's rather timid in situations with other people. At an Easter hunt at church she only got three eggs because she didn't know what to do with all those kids running around. Still, I think out of the family, she's the most likely to stick up for herself, and the least likely to be pushed around.
I love you baby girl! You're the funniest person I know!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What a week...

Joel had a four day weekend thanks to the fourth (and thanks to an awesome holiday schedule where he works!!). The 3rd we went to the base lake for fireworks. The kids did great. Even Owen which is more than we hoped for. The funny thing is we got there at 6:30pm knowing that the fireworks were scheduled to go off at 10. Five minutes into the show, Allie's all "how long is this going to last??"


the pre-show. So pretty!

Later that week, Owen helped out by watering the dogs.

He tried out a few different methods....

look how smug he looks! haha!


and learned what happens when you point the water hose at your face...

but still smiled through it all.
I snuck in my favorite apple pie recipe, which one day I'll have to grace you all with ;)
nuthin' more American than apple pie they tell me...

except maybe apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top!

We got our first tomato from our garden. Please note how I artfully arranged it on a scrap of fabric for your viewing pleasure. ;)

Saturday rolled around and it was time to make Allie's birthday cake, which I look forward to all year long. I wasn't expecting a stomach bug or some potentially devastating family news that day. Joel offered to go buy a cake, and I'm pretty sure I yelled something nasty at him about him hating my cooking and trying to take away my joy of cake decorating. :/ Anyways, between my moans from stomach pains (writing that makes me think it would have been a good idea to step away from the cake...) to crying for five hours straight, I came up with this beauty:

I'm so disappointed! I shaped the cake and then tried doing a white chocolate ganache. Then I barely got the cake on to the stand without it falling apart, only to realize that it was totally off-centered. I added some sprinkles to try to help the thing out, then added frosting all around to cover the horrible bottom, and then I went all out with the sprinkles on the edge. The next day I really wanted to bake up a chocolate cake and plop this on top, but I knew that was only my pride, and we'd never eat that much cake, so I left it as is.

For Allie, I bought her a shirt ($2.30 from Hobby Lobby!) and added some batman details. I also made her a reversible cape. I'm really loving it since it has Velcro and she can take it on and off herself. We had a blast that afternoon taking pictures! Saturday aside, the week was a really lovely one!
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