Monday, July 22, 2013

Grown up Furniture

We're getting our very first set of grown up bedroom furniture this Saturday. I am SO excited!! I've been thinking about it since we got married, haha. Joel was a good sport about it all. I'm a horrible horrible person to shop with. I get really nervous and then feel really guilty about spending money on something I want. At one point I was feeling sick about the cost (especially since Joel was fine with what we had) and I first called the whole thing off, and then tried to get the one where the entire set was the price of one of the dressers we ended up getting. I'm not a furniture snob...I think it's awesome that they have stuff so cheap, but you do get what you pay for, so thankfully Joel had more sense. Funny thing. I knew exactly what I wanted and we even picked this set out two months ago and have been waiting for the price to drop, but finally went back last Tuesday to buy it since it wasn't getting cheaper:
It's lovely, classic, and timeless and not at all what we ended up buying. What we got was a totally spur of the moment decision, and ironically a good bit more expensive. But we ended up just not getting a mirror for the dresser or a nightstand, and the price evened out thankfully. 

Here's our before room, and in a week or two I'll do the after!! :)
Allie will get our old bed (eventually Owen will get her twin) and her room will be the guest room on the rare occasions that we have people over. We're also upgrading from a full to a queen. Yay!
See that blanket on the bed corner? It's covering up this mess:
I LOVE tall beds, and this makes the bed  taller but the tradeoff is that it's really ugly. The blanket only covers one side and the rest are pretty visible.
all the pictures I've never bothered to hang...
my dresser. EVERY drawer is broken. It's awful.

Although I actually was really excited when that awful dresser moved from Allie's room to ours, because Joel and I have been sharing this little guy for the past year. Finally space for my undies! Owen's been without a dresser since the movers broke his, so he'll get this one.
Pretty, huh? I especially like the lamps without shades we've had for a while.
So anyways, there's our newlywed/college days bedroom. Can't wait for the grownup version to get here!


  1. excited for you! decorating and furnishing your home is fun (and i totally get the stress - trying to find affordable, QUALITY stuff can be a real challenge!) cant wait to see the new stuff! :D

  2. getting new furniture is so much fun! we just got some new dressers we were blessed with after my grandmother passed away. its amazing and i love them... its starting to make our bedroom look like a room...


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