Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Annaleigh



her hair back then!!




I may be a few days slow, but I had to show off be fair and share some of my favorite Annaleigh pictures. :) The morning after her birthday Annaleigh came downstairs and said, "I'm four now, but I don't feel any bigger." Such a cutie! Right now, she's in the stage where she wants to do everything Sam is doing. She got some Legos for her birthday (Sam is really into those right now) and she stays up every night putting them together. I even found her doing them and reading TinTin (Sam's comic book) at the same time one night. Owen's lucky to have her too, because she loves that baby. She even told me the other day that we needed to have another baby so Owen would have a friend.

Allie's not really into dolls, but loves all her little animal toys. Her favorite game is to make a zoo with the blocks for them to live in. Every night she tries to trick us by saying she's scared of the dark so she can play in her bed longer, but when she's finally tired enough she'll decide "to be brave" and turn the lights out.  She loves for the dogs to sleep in her room, and many a time I've found them tied to her bed in her effort to make them be right next to her. Her favorite show is
The Little Einstein's, color-pink, animal-giraffe, and she really loves to eat "cheetahs".

She's also a pretty big contradiction. On one side her personality is totally this:
and on the other she's rather timid in situations with other people. At an Easter hunt at church she only got three eggs because she didn't know what to do with all those kids running around. Still, I think out of the family, she's the most likely to stick up for herself, and the least likely to be pushed around.
I love you baby girl! You're the funniest person I know!

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