Wednesday, October 16, 2013

respect, babies

Oh man, I have a new found respect for babies & kids in general. Ear infections are no joke. No wonder the poor things are so miserable. I'm miserable. I've even spent a good deal of yesterday and today crying, so no wonder they do so much of that. I almost started crying at the doctors office today cause she spent so long talking about my symptoms when all I wanted was a prescription... Along with the ear infection, I've got a massive migraine. I've had small migraines before, but nothing like this. C-section aside, this is easily the most pain I've ever been in. For the first time, I understand how people o.d. on pain pills. I've got enough sense and understanding of biology not to do that, but I was tempted to take a handful of tylenol. I even called Joel and asked him to come home early from work today, which is the first time I've ever done that. I'm also pretty disappointed cause all the migraine pills I came home with really just take the edge off, and only for a little while. :/

Anyways. Whiny, whiny. Besides whine about my life on my blog, a few highlights from today:

I've turned to my ultimate comfort food-a baked potato with a little too much butter and salt, and way too much pepper.
And bought two new owl hats for Allie since I couldn't decide on just one...

(how could I resist!? I got Owen the bottom right one and it's so cute)
Stopped at Walmart on the way home from the doctor so the kids could pick out a lunchable as a reward for being so good (Owen and Allie were truly amazing-their best behavior ever. A  gift from God right there). I joined in on the fun. :P


  1. Oh no :( Migraines and ear infections are no fun, especially put together. Hope you feel better!

  2. i can't even remember the last time i got an ear ache, but that sounds so awful :( and that silly doctor should have been a little more understanding and got you in and out of there... praying you feel better. it's so hard taking care of kids when you feel like you need someone to take care of you! cute owl hats!!! and i bet the kids went crazy for those lunchables. my kids love 'em (even tho ava only eats the crackers out of it haha)


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