Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I had what was turning into a rather depressing post on marriage, but I decided to just summarize all of it with this: This year-as I go into my tenth year of marriage-more than ever, I am grateful that I found one of the good ones. Grateful that God put me on the path that led me to him. Grateful that through all the years, my husband has remained a man that has made being married to him easy. Grateful that he has lovingly showed me over the years that not all men are scoundrels. Grateful that I have learned that you can trust another person. So very, very grateful for all I have.
aaaaand....grateful that we've almost reached ten years! We're (okay, actually, it's all me. Joel doesn't think that it will actually work out, and he doesn't know the budget I've set. haha!) anyways, we're planning a second honeymoon type thing for our tenth. :D We still have rather large details to work out (ahem, childcare...) but we've got Rome & Hawaii as possible destinations. This is happening. So excited!


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  1. so sweet and so happy for you guys! you're a couple to admire because god is your foundation, that's pretty rare these days. (btw, i see sam so much in that first picture of joel!)


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