Monday, November 18, 2013


Well, I have an answered prayer that saved me $500! :) My insurance approved my blood testing for the brca test. So in 2-3 weeks, I should have my answer. I think I will be on pins and needles every time my phone rings until then! I find the whole process absolutely amazing. Basically, my family has a specific strand of DNA that's missing that leaves us susceptible to breast & ovarian cancer (also an increased risk of skin & pancreatic cancer). So, the laboratory is going to be looking at my DNA to see if that teeny strand is missing. I'm fascinated with human anatomy/biology, so to me this is some incredible stuff. I can't get out of my mind how intricately God made each of us!


  1. ahhh! that's AMAZING news that they covered it! i'm so glad you were able to get the test done and now you can plan accordingly. ah, so happy about this! :)

  2. thanks! :) I was a little afraid I was going to throw up in the doctors office I was so nervous, but come what may, I'm glad that parts done!


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