Sunday, December 1, 2013


Monday I had my first ever trip to the emergency room with any of my kids. Owen stuck a bead high and tight in his nose. There was no way I was getting that baby out, so I let a professional handle it. That evening I was contemplating life, and how none of my other kids have ever done things like that, and I realized maybe that was because they never had the opportunity presented to them like the baby of the family has. So that got me thinking about other differences that I've noticed between parenting/life and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd child.

Coming home:
1st: With Sam, I felt like I was playing house. It was blissful. I went from working full time to being a stay at home mom, and it felt awesome getting to stay home. I made sure to sleep when baby slept, and had nothing to do during the day except take care of the baby. All was well in life.
2nd: Allie was definitely harder than Sam, but in general, I don't remember feeling too overwhelmed with her. Sam was still on a good schedule, so I got a nap just about every day while Sam played quietly in his room.
3rd: Owen's arrival is the clear winner on things being hard. We actually got out of the house a lot after he was born (thinking back, I'm impressed that I took all three kids to the pool at least once a week). It was more out of necessity though, because when we were out, I didn't have to worry about my messy house or the fact that Allie was watching her 12th episode of Barney for the day.

Mommy Paranoia:
1st: I had normal first time mom jitters with Sam. I remember checking the poor boys temperature all.the.time. Thankfully, he was born during the age of dial-up, so I was spared a lot of internet panic with him. I do remember putting him in his car seat and dragging him into the bathroom the first time I took a shower. New moms. Gotta love them. ;)
2nd: Two words: Web M.D.
3rd: By the time Owen rolled around, I figured out that for the most part there's not a lot doctors will do besides tell you to give Tylenol and keep an eye on them. I've decided to skip waiting in a cramped office for two hours to get that advice unless there is something really wrong.

Baby Food:
1st: I stuck to the age recommendations like his life depended on it.When he was one I panicked when my mom handed him a whole banana. I was still cutting each small slice into 8 teeny tiny pieces. I also remember Sam eating a lot of spaghettios.
2nd: With her, I made up for all the bad food choices I made with Sam. (ahem, spaghettios...). She never touched a drop of jarred baby food, and we had months worth of baby food stashed away in the freezer.
3rd: I made a few purees at the very beginning, but he pretty much ended up eating whatever we were having mushed and watered down. Where I knew every single food babies were supposed to avoid with Sam, I really don't remember worrying about it with Owen. 
Newborn Schedule
1st: If there was an award for sticking to a schedule, I would have won it with Sam. I literally set the alarm clock every night to make sure he ate every three hours (eventually our pediatrician told me that was a little crazy). I also made sure to put him to bed while he was still slightly awake, because the book I read said to.
2nd: A little vague on the details, but I stuck to a schedule that was rational. I still tried to put Allie to bed slightly awake, but ended up staying there and patting her on the back forever until she finally drifted off.
3rd: There was no schedule with Owen. We were on survival mode with that boy. He pretty much got fed any time he cried, and slept whenever he wanted. Because of Owen's colic, he was rocked to sleep every night, and I would take five minutes to lay him down so he wouldn't realize the transition, while praying fervently that he would stay asleep. I should have bought this:
"Official" Playgroups:
1st: We were at playgroup twice a week, every week.
2nd: Playgroup ended as soon as Allie started taking naps during playgroup time. She actually just started going to playgroup now that she's 4.
3rd: We've actually started going again recently, but honestly, I go because I can sit on a rocking chair while they're entertained with new toys to make sure my children are properly socialized.
1st: I read in a book that binkies cause trouble because babies drop them and then wake up to find them, so I actually worked to teach him how to suck his thumb. I firmly believed no child should have a binkie past the age of one.
2nd: Realizing I lucked out with Sam (he weaned himself from thumb sucking at 6 months) and went the binkie route with her. I learned a little humility when she still had the binkie at 19 months.
3rd: Poor Owen. One night at 5 months I lost his millionth binkie and decided it was time for him to do without because I was tired of making store runs for new ones.
1st: With Sam, we were living off of $9 an hour, so we saved money every way possible. One of those ways was buying Walmart brand diapers. I remember feeling pretty guilty since your bombarded with things like "baby deserves best" the second you get pregnant. I felt like a subpar mom because my baby got Walmart brand. Not the best...
2nd: I made up for being a horrible mother with Allie, and she wore Huggies.  
3rd: The novelty of buying expensive diapers wore off with baby after he got out of the teeny tiny newborn diapers. He gets Target brand, partly because they are better than WM ones, partly because I like having an excuse to go to Target, but mostly because they're half the price of the other ones. ( fyi, I do love Target brand wipes more than any other wipes)

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  1. Ditto on the target wipes!!! My favorite. Romains a huggies diaper baby though. But with subscribe and save and our prime membership on amazon they are the same price as the target diapers so win win. Get huggies diapers and trip to target haha.


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