Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top That Tuesday: the stupidest thing I've ever done

A few months back, a pastor was talking about "one-uppers" people who always have a better/worse/funnier/sadder/whatever story than the one you're trying to tell. His moral is that we shouldn't be that person. The thing is, sometimes you really want to be that person cause you just have a great story to tell. Here's a safe place to be that person. I'm starting a little segment called "Top That Tuesday." I'm gonna tell you my "most" story on a certain subject, and you all feel free to leave me with yours.

Today's is The Most Stupid Thing I've Ever Done. Let me tell you, I'm lucky to be alive, my husband's lucky, and other people are too.

Picture this...The husband and I are 20 & living in Colorado, it's the middle of the winter. We have a  job where we go to Walmart and hand out samples. The pay is awesome for us ($20 an hour), but it includes a lot of travel. We're driving the car my parents bought me in high school, my lovely Chevy Corsica. The windshield wipers work sporadically, but we're poor and it hardly ever rains in Colorado, so we haven't had the problem fixed.
We get a call to go hand out samples at a Walmart about 3 hours away in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.  We set out, and about an hour into the drive it starts snowing. This is the point where we should have called to say we couldn't make it, and gone home. But it's not snowing that bad, so we keep going. After awhile we realize it's getting harder to see out the window. Here's the doozy. We stop at a gas station, and...buy a package of dental floss.
I wish I could tell you it's because our mouths felt dirty. I wish. What we did was tie floss around the wipers, and then proceeded to drive through the mountains, in a snowstorm, with the windows rolled down so we could each pull our floss rope and make the windshield wipers move across the window. I don't know if you can even picture that in your mind, it's such madness.

Somehow we made it to our destination, me a little shell-shocked but otherwise unscathed. After about five hours of handing out pre-cooked chicken breast it was time to head back home. Thankfully, it had stopped snowing by this point. Less thankfully, we were driving home at night after a full day of snowstorms, so our drive back ended up being about 5-6 hours long.  Part of that time included us slipping on ice and winding up stuck in a snow bank for half an hour.
Two things happened after that night. First, we took our car to the repair shop and paid the $110 to get our wipers fixed. Second, we quit the sample-handing-out business, and went back to a regular day job.
Looking back on the events, I kind of wonder how humanity has survived. My husband is one of the smartest people I know, and I think it's pretty fair to say that he and I were pretty mature for our age. Nuthin' but the grace of God. ;)
So. That's the stupidest thing I've ever done. What's yours?

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  1. Wow that is something and how brave to share it! We all learn,sometimes the hard way right?! I have done some stupid things, some small,some big. The other day I was so adament about getting my key fixed. We tracked down a guy that could do it for WAY less than at the dealership. So we met him at the Golden Coral. I get out and then realize that I had forgotten to bring the new key to be cut and replaced with the old one in the broken shell. So we had to drive the 1/2 hr back home to get it and then meet him the same distance at a BJ's. Doh! Well it was worth the trip! $25 later I had a new key and a spare in case I ever had a lockout. (which was another stupid thing I did once) I left the key in the ignition to warm up the car and then went around to buckle my son in who was 31/2. Well the door locked on me before I could do so. I was locked out and my son wasn't old enough to know yet how to open the door. Soooo I had to call the ambulance to come bail me out!! *head smack*


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