Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top That Tuesday: Worst Vacation

Today's topic: worst vacation experience. This one was actually a mini-vacation tucked inside an amazing 3 week trip to France to visit my in-laws. While there, my mother and father-in-law very graciously agreed to keep our two kids so the husband and I could go away on a two night couple's trip. For a few months, I'd been looking into it, and I came upon the lovely city of Avignon. In my mind, we were going to go there, sleep in all morning, and then spend our time lazily wandering the city and eating amazing food. But for whatever reason, as I was about to pay for the hotel, we had a change of heart and decided to do something adventurous instead. We decided to drive over to the Alps three hours away and go camping. I've never been "real" camping, so I was super excited.

Day one started out. We were about five hours late in leaving, so by the time we got there, we had to really hurry to get to our first camp spot before nightfall. I thought I was in shape and good to go, but boy was I wrong. By the time we got to our camp site, my legs were shaking like a leaf, we were freezing & starving, and I had awful blisters.

But, we made it, and the views were spectacular.
(that little yellow speck in the distance is our tent!)

Day Two was glorious. We only had about two hours to walk, and it was much easier going. Day Two made the trip worth it. We spent the entire day like this:


Then. There was Day Three. Day 3 we were supposed to get up, hike down to the car, drive to a nearby mountain town, have an amazing lunch and wander the streets for a few hours before going back home.

Well. Day Three we both woke up with a stomach bug. A really nasty one. There's really no way to put this delicately, but let me tell you-there is nothing fun about hiking several miles with nausea, diarrhea, limited toilet paper, and not a bathroom in sight. Lol, NOTHING. But, we really had no choice, so we made it down the mountain, got to our car, and I decided to take this victory photo:
This was when we were still blissfully unaware that  the car will not start. The battery was completely dead. Thankfully there was one house and one car (and only one within many, many miles):

Less thankfully, they were out taking care of their cattle:
(Both the cows and the house so charming!!)

But eventually, they were able to get our car jump started, and we stopped at our little mountain town for bathrooms and gas. We were too sick to eat, and even though the town was beautiful, we just wanted to get home. While we were doing that, the car died again, so we had to run around trying to find a French person willing to help us out.

A few towns later, we stopped and bought a new battery, discovered it was the wrong one, bought a second battery and spent an hour or two like this:

So that was my worst vacation experience, anyone got one of their own to share? (Also, I know you're probably not feeling very sorry for me since I got to spend a month in France, but I still regret our choice to be adventurous. :)


  1. i can't believe you got zero comments on this gem! :D lol
    this sounds like the mother of all nightmares for me. like if i had to think of something really really awful that would cause me to sob and be traumatized, a scenario just like this would be up towards the top. but you lived! and you can laugh about it which is great! i don't have any bad vacation stories to share unfortunately since i haven't really ever gone on a vacation in the past 15 years or so. (maybe that's the worst vacation story in itself ;))

  2. no vacation is definitely worst of all. :(


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