Thursday, February 20, 2014

birthday bash

Well, I am officially in my last year of my 20's. Funny how not that long ago 30 seemed old, and now it doesn't. I am blessed with a husband who likes to celebrate, so although we did nothing on my actual birthday thanks to a stomach bug, we had a great time Saturday.

My man knows the key to my heart, so we kick started the celebration with a trip to Hobby Lobby. Next up was the other key to my heart: The A1 Peppercorn burger from Red Robin. So much delicious.
After that we swung by Petsmart to pick up my birthday gift. Three sweet little zebra finches that I names Charlotte, Henry, and Penelope. They make me happy. :) I've actually wanted birds for the longest time, but didn't want to rush into more responsibility that I was going to regret later. I bought their birdcage for $8 at Goodwill back in July, and it's been hanging out in the garage waiting for me to commit ever since.

Later on I ended up getting a few more nice surprises. I couple weeks ago I sent Joel a link to a bed et I've wanted for a long while, but he's always said "no" to because it's white. Anyways, about a day after sending the link, I figured I wasn't going to get it, and decided I was going to live vicariously through Annaleigh and bought her a set from Target in light pink. Obviously I could return Allie's, but I've already set my heart on it, so it's staying. (win for me, haha!)
mine (but in whiter)
And finally the last surprise, and the one I probably love the most. I asked Joel if he'd make me a fairy house half-jokingly, cause I've wanted a little fairy garden for the longest time, like this:
and he made me this one which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  I love it. :)
All in all, a very happy 29th!
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