Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Things

So,  I realized three things have happened recently that I never mentioned.

#1. I finally got my lasik done, which is pretty huge!  I had it done at the end of January, and was waiting to see how I liked it before I posted about it, and then forgot all about it. Overall, it has been really awesome, and I feel so fortunate that I was able to have it done. Day one was incredibly painful. The brochures said things like uncomfortable" and "stings," feels like "sand in the eyes," and  "rest for four hours." Haha, let me tell you, it felt like exactly like what they do to your eyes was done...or like acid was poured into them. It hurt. I had my procedure done at 4:30 pm, and because I got very little sleep that night, know that it wasn't until 3am that I finally was able to sleep through the pain. Thankfully, the receptionist gave me a more honest warning about how it felt, so I knew I just had to make it through the first night. Day two, was a thousand times better. It still hurt, but definitely bearable. More tired and sore-like I had really over worn my contacts.  My eyesight went from 110/80 with bad astigmatism to 20/15 overnight. Amazing! Best of all, my night driving is a million times better. Before, I had awful halos and glares, and got really nervous when driving in the dark, but those are pretty much gone now. It's wonderful to feel safe driving at night!

#2. We have a gato in the family now. We've actually rescued him from the animal shelter a few months ago. His name is Dash (Annaleigh picked it out). He's kind of a jerk like most cats are, but he fits into the family well.
Dash's cat perch. We thought it would be good for him to have a safe place out of kid's reach.

#3. I just registered for a free online class hosted by Harvard! It doesn't count towards anything other than the pursuit of knowledge, but even so, I am so nervous! It has been 10 years since I've done any sort of formal education. That's a long time. My brain is rusty! Joel is doing it too (his idea) so it should be interesting. Anyways, I'm leaving the link with you all, just in case you want to do it to (and if you do, be sure to let me know!) Here's the course description: Justice is an introduction to moral and political philosophy, including discussion of contemporary dilemmas and controversies.

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  1. Ilasik is one of the best things I've ever done. I'm glad you're happy with the results!


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