Friday, March 7, 2014

Womp, womp...

Well, my birthday comforters were kind of a flop. Turns out the one I had Joel buy me is way to small for our bed, and since we got it off of ebay (new) it only had a 10 day return policy which we missed by a lot.
too small, and this is it pulled way to the side you're seeing :(

Annaleigh's set turned out to be pretty awful.

It was way more wrinkled than rouched and just looked a mess. There was always the chance that washing it would take the wrinkles out, but it was expensive enough that I didn't want to try it. Overall, it seemed like it was something I would end up hating, so back to Target it went.
I decided that the one originally meant for me would go to Annaleigh. I've got some ideas in mind-like painting a wood headboard blue and making some pillows & sheets out of the cutest fabric in the world.
Alexander Henry's "Once Upon a Time"
Kinda like this...
So even though it wasn't my original plan, I still think it will be adorable! I just need the garage to get warm enough so I can paint the headboard.




  1. sometimes the best laid plans don't work out and it is ok :-) i love the fabric you selected


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