Monday, April 14, 2014

beds, gardens, and dresses

I've been a little mia here the past month! Still just so much going on, when I get a moment of peace, all I want to do is curl up with a book and enjoy the silence. I've also been going on a spring cleaning fling, but more on that another day. For now, I finished the firs part of Annaleigh's room...
The headboard turned out even prettier than I had hoped! I was pretty depressed after I dragged it upstairs only to find that it isn't a full size (maybe queen? king?) and was too big for her bed. Thankfully the little white night stand (which I picked up for $5 and refinished) makes up most of the extra room, and you don't really notice unless you look, in my opinion. I've got a few more projects in mind for her room, so when it's all done I'll show the rest. :)
Despite it being mid-April, there is still not much green out here in NE, so I've been making up for it inside the house. I've wanted a terrarium for the longest time, and finally got around to making one. It's hard to photograph, because of the camera flash, but I really like how it turned out.

I made it a little different on the two sides, and added tiny Hobby Lobby deer, cause I thought they were cute. If you're interested, I used this terrarium tutorial. After checking at a few stores, I ended up getting the activated charcoal from the fish section at Walmart. I wish I had known I could use that before wasting my time checking garden stores!

Last project I'll share today, I've been working on some "inspired" dresses. I'd like to eventually get a whole line of them, and maybe one day sell them on etsy. I'd have to invest in a new machine (serger) first though, so I'll have to see what the response is...
first up, is a military inspired. Here's my unfinished Air Force dress. I have a few things to add to it. Thankfully, I have friends in every service with little girls, so I'll be using them as models in the future.
Next up, I'm trying to do Disney princess dresses. Annaleigh dies every time we pass through Walmart and she sees the princess costumes. I die every time I see they're $20+ dollars for something so cheaply made, haha! I was able to make her this one for less than $10, and it's so pretty and full. Annaleigh loves it, and the next requested one is Elsa.
 This week I've got a bunch of stuff in the works for Owen's art party. I'm really hoping the weather turns out nice so I can have it at the park, otherwise I'll be dealing with at least 14 toddlers (not counting babies) playing with markers, paints, & chalk. Maybe not the best toddler party idea ever, but I think it will be fun. Or a disaster. Maybe a little of both. We shall see! :D

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