Friday, April 25, 2014

birthday boy

Owen's two birthday's went well! For the first big party I've ever thrown, I think it went with minimal panic on my part. :) So thankful that the weather turned out nice enough for us to have it at a park, because while I had all the party stuff, our house was a disaster! I guess that is why people have parties on the weekend for their spouses to help. :P
Owen's last minute shirt I made him

There were two main projects, the kids decorated poster boards and painted birdhouses I found at Joann's & Michael's for $1. I also got lucky, and found the watercolors at the Dollar Treet (actually, a lot of stuff came from the dollar store).

Owen had fun! He spent forever on his poster, and I don't think he would have stopped if I hadn't pulled him away.
I also fed everybody lunch. We had meat, cheese, and cracker tray, veggies, watermelon and strawberries, and chips and dip. I did make this seven layer dip (avocados instead of lettuce, tomatoes in place of peppers, and no onions) and it got rave reviews. Unfortunately, we ended up having to eat on the ground, because the shaded pavilion was too cold.

For Owen's cake, I followed this tutorial for the penguin. For the marshmallows, I stuck a marshmallow on a kebab stick, dipped the end in melted icing, and then dipped it  into sprinkles. The kids LOVED these. Next time I'd stick them on colorful straws, I think. Two year olds running around with pointy sticks was crazy. :P
I sent each kid home with a crayon roll, pencil, and notepad (5 for $1) in their goodie bag.
Even though it went really well, I'm not sure if I'll ever throw a big party again. It was a lot of running around and worrying about what other people needed & wanted, instead of being able to focus on the birthday boy himself (if that makes sense).
Thankfully, we still had Owen's "real" birthday!
To start, I took Allie and Owen to Dunkin Donut's for a little treat (Sam was in school).

this is his face when I ask him to smile.
Then I took him to Hobby Lobby so he could pick a new puppy out. He had a hard time narrowing it down to one. :)
Instead of making a cake for this party, we did a bucket of  sand pudding. Since Owen's not a big cake person, this was perfect for him. The kids loved it (it's actually really, really good) and the fact that they get to eat "sand." I also thought it went well with his birthday gift.

looks pretty real!

After that, presents...
good wrapping on the big one mom!
We got him a water table, which all three kids loved. Poor Owen didn't want to leave his "wawa" to eat, he loved it so much. He was still awake at 9:00 talking about birthdays to himself, so I think turning two was a success!

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  1. He's getting so big! Can't wait to see him and the rest of you soon! Oh and his birthday shirt is really cute :)


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