Friday, May 23, 2014

8 is great

My sweet, sweet boy is eight (or will be in four days). I'm so proud of the little man he is becoming, and so grateful to be his mama. He's a keeper.
Since we will be traveling the actual day of his birth, we celebrated a few days early. Sam requested a wolf party. :)
The decorations were pretty simple...I just printed out a few pictures, then traced and cut them out from construction paper. In my mind, I had planned to make lots of snow flakes, but I made two and called it a night. Oh well we can just imagine it's a snowy night...
The table cloth was super simple (black $1 cloth & $1 gold stars) but the kids thought it was amazing
For Sam's day we went to a local park and did go carts, laser tag, and mini golf. Annaleigh loved the go carts, and Sam played 6 games of laser tag. Annaleigh wouldn't play laser tag for a few rounds, but I convinced her to try. As I tucked her into bed, she told me laser tag was fun and she was glad she played. She wants to go back tomorrow.
After the park, our local fire station pulled out a hose for the kids, so we stopped there for a few minutes. Cooold water, but the kids loved it. 
Sam's cake was pretty simple. Wolf figurines from Hobby Lobby, buttercream icing on the cake, and a fondant moon.
Sam's main gift this year was a tablet. He was pretty excited. :D No more borrowing my tablet for Angry Birds & Plants Vs Zombies.
Sam was also given some Legos, and I love this picture of him. He doesn't usually show his teeth when he smiles, but he was too happy not too. Overall, I think the kids had a great day, and I hope it's a birthday Sam will remember!

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  1. the table cloth and stars was a cool idea and great cake! you are so creative and talented. i'm sure you make them feel really special. those kiddos are lucky for sure :) i say this every year but where does the time go!? he's practically a tween (he definitely looks the part in the picture of him and his new tablet) and i remember him as a baby.


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