Friday, June 13, 2014

school girl

My baby girl started school this week! Even though I keep telling her she's not allowed to get any bigger, she keeps on doing it. She has one more week of summer school, and then a few weeks off, and then the year officially starts. We got home from Colorado late Monday night, and she started Tuesday. I was afraid she would be too tired, but she's been fine. The school highly recommended summer school for kindergartners that had never been to school before, because it lets them get the feel of school without all the chaos of a school full of kids. It made sense, but I was so nervous for her. Annaleigh can be a little dramatic, and I didn't know what we would do if she hated it. Good news is she LOVES it. Super loves it. Makes me so happy. :) She comes home and tells us the things she said, and cracks us up. I need to get a video of how she talks to her teacher. She's a nut. On the first day of school she told us that the kids didn't like her shirt (it says "best big sister in the world") but then she showed me the song and dance that goes with it, and I kinda understood why. ;)

And because it's just so cute, as Annaleigh went into her class, Sam (who's not in summer school) says, "Annaleigh's only in kindergarten, so she still thinks life is all about having fun." Lol, um okay Mr. Eight-Going-On-Thirty! (And btw, I asked him what life is really about, and he said hard work and doing good things.)


  1. ahh! she is so adorable i'm glad she's adapting well, it makes me feel a little better about ava. ava has another year though. and my goodness, sam is seriously mister mature (as in he sounds more mature than half of the adults i know!) he will be the perfect husband for kaia LOL {but really, think about how cool that could be! haha :)}

    1. YESSSS! An arranged marriage!! We need to makes this happen! LOL!!

    2. we would be family!!! :D
      i'm sure they will thank us for it


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