Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vacation, all I...

never want to do again until Owen is in middle school. Haha, seriously though, two weeks in Colorado was about nine days too long. Too long to be away from home and stuck in a hotel room with three kids. We spent the first three days in Estes Park, one day in Denver, and the rest in Colorado Springs. The bright side is, it scratched our vacation itch and we don't plan on going anywhere else while we're in Nebraska. Also made us thank the military for a little distance from family, but that's a story that shall not be told here, lol! Joel also got Lasik done (the reason our vacation was so long). Anyways, now that it's over I'm going to focus on the highlights and try to forget Sam throwing up on Annaleigh, and the new phobia that created in her. ;)

Owen's first time ever seeing mountains. Poor boy was so scared and kept saying "monsters." The picture on the right is the canyon we were driving through at the time.

hiking with this handsome man. :)
 this was the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. It's hard to tell, but by the river there were dozens of elk. Absolutely beautiful!
best donut place EVER. We may have gone every morning we were in Estes Park. Raspberry fritters are the perfect way to start a day. Mmmmm....

Alberta Falls
still plenty of snow in June!

Owen elk watching

baby elk

we got to tour the Denver Bronco's arena!

Garden of the Gods-my favorite Colorado Springs spot

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