Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All Clear

I never wrote about this, but it's actually a pretty big deal. I started writing this a while ago, and just got super busy. Around mid-May, I got my first "all clear" from the doctors.  All of my tests and lab works came back normal. The first thing I had done was a blood test that can help identify ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, it's not very reliable or accurate (it only identifies cancer % of the time) but my levels came back in the normal range. Because of that, I had an ultrasound done on my ovaries. The scary thing about ovarian cancer (which it's guessed have a 20% chance of developing) is there really isn't any way to detect it until in most cases it's too late. The ultrasound wasn't looking for cancer so much, but rather cysts, which can be a precursor to o.c. Anyways, it took the tech 45minutes to find them which made me a very grumpy woman to say the least. ;)

Next up, I had to have an MRI done. It's much more sensitive than a mammogram, and I'm supposed to have one done yearly. It was an interesting experience. Pretty uncomfortable (laying facedown on a table with special cut-outs) for an hour. The MRI tech. actually said it's probably the worst MRI to have done because of the awkward positioning. Three days later, I got a call from the doctor that there was an abnormality on the results. He thought it was a benign tumor, but said I had to have it biopsied to be certain. At this point, I really wasn't too worried, but when I went for the biopsy the doctor there said she thought it might be DCIS (milk duct cancer). She ended up not being able to find it through ultrasound, so I had to wait two weeks to have an MRI guided biopsy done. (That was a long, hard wait, but in a way I am super grateful for the experience. I know with certainty that I don't want to spend the rest of my life waiting for cancer to appear or hearing back that my biopsy results are cancerous.)The mri guided biopsy was a crazy experience. It's not done often, so I had a group of resident doctors watching the "show." That was awesome. :P I'm really interested in medicine, so the whole process was fascinating to me. I basically was put into the MRI, brought out, stuck with the needle, then put back into the MRI so the dr. could decide where to move the needle next. We did that five times until she found the right spot and was able to take the biopsy (which, by the way, she had to do on her knees thanks to the fact that I was laying face down). It was craziness. In the end, my results came back benign. Fibrocystic tissue- so nothing at all to worry about. Praise God! I do have to go back for another MRI in 6 months so the doctors can make sure it's not growing or changing in any way.

This whole experience has been such a strange one. It's just strange knowing (well, at least thinking) I'm perfectly healthy, while at the same time being referred out to a cancer specialist. I felt like such a fraud when I called to set up that appointment, haha! That being said, I've been blessed with great doctors. I'm the first brca patient my dr. has had, which is why he's sending me to a specialist. I'm so very blessed to have the ability to be proactive!

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