Thursday, July 17, 2014

baby girl

My sweet little Annaleigh turned five on Monday. I've been telling her the past few months that we weren't going to let her have a birthday so she would have to stay four forever, but we caved.
For her birthday, we took her to a place full of bounce houses and huge inflatable slides. After that we went home, watched a Barbie movie and had a Pegasus party. The kids always get to pick anything they want for their birthday dinner, so we ate like royalty that night-corndogs and Cheetos. 
 For the Pegasus, I used Wilton's Party Pony Pan, added a wing from part of the cake I shaved off, and added a horn using an ice cream cone rubbed with icing then covered in glitter sprinkles. It's amazing how simple icing covered cakes seem after working with fondant!

We started a new birthday tradition this year where Joel takes the kids to dinner and a movie. I used to do this with my dad each year, and that one-on-one time was always special. This year Joel took Annaleigh to the new How To Train Your Dragon movie.  (*Spoiler Alert*) At one point in the movie, the father dies and everyone is crying. Apparently, Annaleigh told Joel she didn't understand why everyone was crying. So, he asked her if she would be sad if she didn't have a mommy and daddy and she told him, that it would be awesome because then she could watch tv and eat candy all day long. Then a few minutes later, she changed her mind, and decided parents were useful for making her dinner. :P In an ironic twist, she ended up with a tummy ache that night, which she blamed on Joel for giving her too much candy at the movies. :D
In the end, she said it was the best day in her entire life, and what more can a mom really ask for? :)

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