Thursday, July 10, 2014

going nowhere

So...this is a little cheesy, but I'm still sharing it. Sometimes cheesy is fun. For part of Joel's birthday present, I decided to give him a years worth of fun date nights where I do all the planning. This would have made a better anniversary gift, but that's still pretty far off & I knew I'd probably forget about it by then.  Cheesy and forgettable...I'm setting this up as an awesome gift, aren't I?;) Anyways, first, I printed off a passport and airline tickets...
Our first "trip" was to the Caribbean, so I fancied up the garage with string lights (which is really hard to get a picture of)...I didn't get a picture, but the white sheet on the wall is for the projector, so I YouTubed a video of ocean views onto there.
 then I tacked some old sheets to the ceiling to hide all the garage stuff.
see? hidden!
next, I set up our little station, complete with tubs of sand to bury our toes in.
Next was dinner, which wasn't really authentic, but I tried. Fruit salad, guac & chips, Jerk chicken (thanks to Grill Mates) and fried cinnamon tortilla chips. I also tried fried plantains, but those came out awful. I got a few different sodas from the Hispanic aisle at Walmart for us to try.
also Pina Coladas in lovely Dollar Tree glasses
We had a fun evening of playing poker (which was made more fun by the fact that I crushed Joel) and then watched Dr. No from the hammock (his real birthday gift). Overall, it was a fun evening. It was good to get out of our rut of just doing dinner and a movie from the couch. 


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