Friday, October 17, 2014

Favorite Things

Cherokee Toddler Boots (Target, $25)
These are at the very top of my little kid shoe price range (their feet grow so fast!!), but since Target had a bogo sale, I was able to pick up these and a pair of shoes for Owen for $35.

Harry Sneakers (Target, $17)
Love these, because they're athletic enough for running and being a little boy, but they also look good as church shoes, which means Owen only needs one pair of shoes! Aaaand, they're even in Bronco's colors. :D
"Love" wall art (Hobby Lobby, $25)
 Mohawk Shag Rug (Walmart, $125)
This rug has me happy as a clam. (So happy I didn't even wait to put away laundry before snapping the picture!) We were in desperate need of something big (and dark) to cover the living room floor, and this rug is awesome. It was only $125 for an 8'x10' which is crazy cheap as far as rugs go, so I was afraid it would look awful, but for the price we paid, I am really happy with it!

Threshold Desk Globe (Target, $15)
This was kind of a splurge, but it is so cute, and really not *too* much more than the generic kind you pick up at Petsmart. Plus, buying off of Etsy (usually) means you're supporting a home business, and that's always a plus!

And there you have it, some of my favorite things this month!

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  1. aw yay i'm so glad you made another one of these posts, i love these things :)


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