Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Table Tops

Our church has an annual women's event where several women get to decorate a table anyway they like, and I participated this year! It was way out of my comfort zone (as a hostess I also had to lead a discussion) but it was a lot of fun. I even ended up decorating two tables since not enough people signed up. Here's a few pictures from the evening...there were about 50 tables total, so it was a pretty big event. It was a great evening and so much fun seeing how everyone decorated.

Here was my first table...I "took" my husband to Paris for our themed date night this month, so I thought it would be fun to do my table the same way. It was a lot of fun, and it got a lot of compliments.
 I probably should have ironed the table cloth...for the place mats, I used scrap book paper, I bought the plates at Hobby Lobby, and the bowls came from the Dollar Tree (the tulle bags inside the bowls are filled with fancy chocolates)

My second table didn't come out quite as good as I had hoped. I think I should have gone with a colored table cloth, and I also had some purple hydrangeas I wasn't able to put on there either. I also added a few items after this picture was taken.
Here's a close up of the succulents... I already had the hen & chicks, so with a little dirt, moss, & $2 glass bowls from Walmart, I was able to make four bowls for just a couple of dollars. I love how they turned out.




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