Wednesday, December 3, 2014


We've been doing a lot of rearranging the past few months, and have a good bit left to do still. We recently did a pretty major overhaul of our living room, and I love it! It's so much more cozy. We used to have all the toys upstairs in a spare room, but honestly no one ever played in there & we have other plans for that room now, so the switch (along with getting rid of lots of toys) had been awesome!
The two small pictures are before. The space was fine, but we found that the space past the brown recliner was always unused.
Now, we put the tv against that half wall, and behind the couch we have this:

I bought two of these shelves, and I love them! Besides Allie's Barbies & dollhouse stuff, this all the toys! I got rid of all the random things that didn't have a space & all the things the kids hardly touched. They play with what they have so much more now that there is less, and they haven't missed anything.

On a different home decorating note, we've got Christmas stuff up. Every year I've done colored lights, but this year I went one color, and I love it. :)

You can see our Christmas tree from outside and I love it. And from the inside, we have  the white lights framing our tree.
 My sideways blurry night picture. :P
The tree IS taking up the kids play space, but they like being able to play under it! :)
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