Monday, January 26, 2015

and again...

It's been a year and a month since I learned about my faulty genetic code. It's crazy how much a tiny bit of information can change your life! The past year I have thought about, feared, and researched cancer more than I would have ever thought possible. Being screened every six months makes me feel like I never get any peace. By the time I've dealt with setting up referrals, appointments for procedures, appointments for results-the screenings  take three months!
My MRI done in November, came back with four anomalies this time around. One being the spot they biopsied (it's getting bigger) and three new small areas. My primary care doctor, decided to wash his hands of me and refer me to an oncologist. He told me he almost guaranteed I would be mri'd and biopsied every six months because that is their protocol for my situation. His hope was that a breast cancer specialist would have a better idea of what was necessary and what could wait. And he was right! Thankfully my new doctor thought everything could wait for at least another six months.
Another huge, huge, huge prayer answered-this doctor also happens to be a surgeon. I was worried sick about this meeting. Being proactive gives me so many options, but on the flip being in control & everything being my decision makes me nervous about making a "wrong" choice. Anyways, she is amazing. She graduated from Harvard Medical, & worked there for 14 years before being named head of oncology for UNMC. On top of that though, she was so incredibly nice, and I felt like I could completely trust her with all this. I was tearing up all the way home, because instead of being treated as foolish or belittled like some women are for choosing prophylactic surgery, she totally reaffirmed my decisions and made me feel like my course is absolutely the right one for me to take. She even brought in a plastic surgeon to discuss all my options. That was a little bizarre, but he was great too! And so, I am officially on the countdown! Joel would actually like me to have it done sooner than later, but because of his 7 month deployment coming up, I will be scheduling surgery in January 2016. It's actually a lot earlier than I had originally planned (I wanted to wait until Owen was in kindergarten), but I feel like now(ish) is the right time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Diy Doggie Freshener

So...I've got about a million things going on in life right now, and I'm going to post on none of that.

One of my favorite pet related things I learned from a lady who breeds and shows dogs, and I love it. Not only do I use it on the pup, but I also like to spray the bathroom down with it (especially the towels!). Super cheap, and smells so fresh and clean!

Super simple: 1 part mouthwash, 2 parts water.

(**I'm not sure if there's a name for it, but it does need to be the yellow, original type mouthwash, as it does not have sugar and won't leave behind a sticky residue**)

Spritz and enjoy!

For this bottle, 1 cup mouthwash & 2 cups water fit perfectly!

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