Monday, February 16, 2015


 We've been asked a lot about how our classes are going, We've only finished two out of ten, but so far so good! The binder above is our classwork for the ten weeks, plus we have a lot of paperwork. Lots of background checks, fingerprinting, questions about our home, marriage, finances, jobs, childhoods, questions about pretty much every aspect of our lives!

One of the most time consuming sections is a twelve page self study. It's pretty intense. There are a lot of in-depth question. While it's been a little tricky trying to figure out how to answer the questions (you try describing your parenting style in three sentences!) I've actually found it kind of enjoyable-so much of it is stuff I've never thought about before!

 (Update: hahaha, Joel was just complaining that his self study took forever. It took him 1.5 hours. I've been working on mine all week.)
After the classes are completed, and all paperwork turned in, it generally takes two to three months to be licensed. Ours may take longer since we have to be background checked in three different states, so it really will just depend on how fast those go through the system.  We also have to pass a home study. From what I understand, they walk through your home and make sure there are no red flags.  They'll be looking to make sure things like medications and cleaning supplies are out of reach. We shall see. I'll let you all know when that time comes for us.


I really like our agency. It was founded by a Catholic priest back in 1917, and they still have a strong emphasis on prayer and faith today. I haven't seen it, but apparently there was a movie made about them...
The other two questions I get asked all the time are if I will foster while the husband is deployed, and what ages we are thinking about, so I'll get to those one of these days. :)

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