Sunday, February 15, 2015


Welp. It's an end to an era over here. My twenties are over. Not that I have a choice, but I'm pretty okay with it. I've felt 35ish for a long time. That's what happens when you get married at 19 and have babies young I guess.

My birthday was pretty great. I got kinda lucky, because my birthday is the only one where everyone will be together this year. And I'm really lucky, cause my husband spoiled me rotten. He surprised me with a fancy camera among other gifts. I've always wanted one, but I'm notoriously bad with electronics (I've gone through two laptops and a tablet in the past two years) so I'd probably never have asked for one. I've been having fun learning how to actually use the thing.

one of my first pictures...

And in super crazy for me news, I got a tattoo. Yep. It's been a wild year.

I decided this past year that after my mastectomy, I was going to get something on my side, along my ribcage. I figured I'd be scarred and have no more nerve endings, so why not? I planned on something like this...
It was going to represent our family-two birds on a branch, three birds flying away. Later on if we adopted, I could add more birds, or add leaves to the branch for foster kiddos, and one leaf falling off the branch for the baby I miscarried back in 2008. Anyways, after a while, I got to thinking that while I loved the idea, it was too bad nobody would ever see it. I thought about putting the birds on my leg but couldn't find a good spot. Then, I came across a picture on pinterest that I loved... infinity cross water color.
And so...YIKES! I got my first tattoo!!

 So, it's not a great picture (I had it done on the inside of my left leg). This was taken right after and the area is swollen and sore, plus my leg went crazy red when the guy rubbed alcohol over my freshly shaved leg (that part may have hurt the worst!). I'll eventually get another picture once it's healed and I can shave again. (In case anyone is wondering, the pain really wasn't that bad. It probably hurts more now- a day later- than the actual tattooing did. Even now, it's similar to a bad sunburn. Unpleasant, but not unbearable).

I love it. The only thing I wonder, is if I shouldn't have added the tiny swirls...I'm conflicted. They're so tiny and pretty, but I feel like from farther away you can't see the detail so it kind of blobs. But I only see my leg from up close and in any case, it's kind of too late now. Haha!
You can kind of see what I'm talking about here. This is a pretty awful quality picture though. So there you have it!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!! and yay for getting a tattoo :) it looks good! i'm excited for you lol they're kind of addicting! i have a few more i'd like!


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