Monday, March 23, 2015

name them one by one...

Huge praise over here-we managed to make every class, and are just a home study away from being licensed! With the possibility of sickness and bad weather, and Joel's departure date, there were definitely no guarantees that we would even get past the first step. Besides having to reschedule the home study for next Tuesday thanks to me getting a nasty case of strep throat (the day before Joel left. What a bummer), everything has been going smoothly.

And today I am counting my blessings, because we are one huge step closer!! We started looking into buying a new car way too close to when Joel was leaving, so when we weren't able to find anything in time, I was really disappointed. With three kids in the back of an Altima, we were maxed out on car space. But God is good, and continues to provide. While looking for our new 3 row vehicle, I was pretty bummed about how expensive they are, and I set a random budget in my mind, but it turns out with the number I set, everything had 70-80- 100,000 miles. The day Joel left though, I found a listing on Craigslist* for a 2012 Odyssey with only 29,000 miles (and still almost a year of warranty left!) for $1,500 over my budget. Then without even me asking, the guy dropped the price by 2k, which made the van a really great deal, since it was already a little below KBB value. Apparently I emailed him pretty fast, because he said eventually he got so many calls and emails he realized he priced it too low, and he had already taken the add down so he could raise the price if I didn't buy it. So yeah. I'm pretty happy right now. Really, really happy to have more room. I joked with Joel that this could have happened a week before so he could be here to deal with all this, but my whole theme of this deployment is self-sufficiency, so I guess it fits, and I do feel pretty proud of myself.  Unfortunately, my next step is trying to sell the Focus...
 ***just a side note-I actually asked a friend's husband to come along with me when I went to look at the van. Safety first, ya know.


Annaleigh's first order of business was to put the Bronco sticker on it.

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