Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Creating a room for foster care

***I just got the call you guys! As of today, Joel and I are officially licensed for foster care! Even though we've been working on this since October, it's still a little crazy to think that at any moment we could get a phone call that could change our lives!***

 I've been busy over here setting up a room for and future foster children we may get. It's been a lot of fun, and I've spent my time in there praying over the children and parents who are in the system. Our age range is 0-10, both boys and girls, so I really wanted the room to be comfortable for all age ranges and genders. Later, when we get a child, we can always add specific items to their preferences.

Most of the stuff came from around the house, but we did buy a few things specifically for here. My favorite is the bed! It's actually a small bunk bed from here. I love the color & design, but one of the main reasons I went with this one is because it's a shorter bunk. I spent a ton of time searching for the perfect bedspread, and I'm really happy with the one we ended up with. I like how depending on which way you put it you can get different looks (you can see what I'm talking about below). If ever we wanted to, it can be flipped the other way and be a solid grey. Yay for Target! Usually, I make the pompoms from scratch, but this time I was lazy and just bought some pre-folded ones off of Ebay. It saved a little time & wasn't any more expensive.
oooooh the fingerprints on that glass. That was taken care of, don't worry! Bleh, haha!

I found these super cute firefly lamps at Kohls for only $4 each (so I grabbed four!).  I'm also leaving space around the room to add pictures of the child's family, so there's at least a little bit of "home" for him/her. I've also been picking up different books recommended for kids in foster care.
The art work came about really cheap. We already had the frames from Annaleigh's room (we aren't currently using them), so I just bought a few mats. I got the Free printable from this site...  
and the tiger print was from a photography book we've had for years.
We are trying really hard to set ourselves up for success, so one thing I did was not add any glass back to the frames. It's just a lot safer that way, and there will be less worries about accidents or outbursts!

If ever we end up with a baby  (we were told there are less itty bitties that come into care) we'll set a crib/toddler bed up under those pictures (and then I'll move them because I am super paranoid about pictures above the bed!). I'll probably stick with the same gray/teal/white theme, but I have my eyes on these crib sheets from Target if ever the need arrives!
 this little guy actually belongs to Owen, but he looks so perfect in there!

^^fingerprint culprit


  1. I love, love, LOVE it!!! Love the colors, and looooove that you're leaving room for photos of the child's family. <3 And the "Be brave little one" printable...ohmyheart. <3

    The kiddos who are placed into your loving arms are going to be some of the most blessed kids in the foster system. I'm so happy for and proud of you!

  2. Oh Mikal, you are so sweet! Your encouragement means more than I can say!


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