Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My fiery, rough and tumble, super squishy and loveable mama's boy turned three last Friday. Two was such a good year. He's grown a lot more sure of himself and is able to talk to other people now (he was not a people person before!) and has turned into such a little charmer. Lately, I've been noticing a lot of compassion from him. The last few times I've babysat, the kids had a hard time when their moms left & Owen went out of his way to comfort them. He's talking a lot & I feel like I could fill a book with all his adorable sayings (one example, he calls our minivan a mini-man). I feel like he's so close to completing the change from baby to little boy & that hurts my heart a little, but I am so excited to keep watching him grow.


One of my favorite memories of the year was the first time he saw mountains. Poor baby was scared and thought they were monsters!
 Owen seeing the mountains for the first time

Three of Owen's favorite things in life:
Big Sister. He loves that girl & she loves him. The other day when Annaleigh went to school he says to me, "I miss my fwend, Mom. I miss my fwend." My heart.
 buddies since birth

Super Heroes. All of them. Captain America in particular. Another great Owen quote, "I need my pants Mom. I'm going to battle."
"Special Blankie." So funny, because this particular blanket he loves dearly used to be Sam's favorite blanket! It must be a good one!

Here's a few pictures of his Captain America themed party....
 Party decorations picked up from the Dollar Tree & Target and Walmart dollar sections!

 Captain America pin the star 

got super lucky & found these in the checkout aisle when I was paying for stuff!

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