Friday, September 11, 2015

Favorite Things

Well, look at this. No posts for three months, and then three in four days. I really avoided this blog while Joel's been gone. I must of known it would get too whiny on my own. ;) 

Boom Chicka Pop (Target, $3) I already love popcorn, but this is pretty much my favorite of all.

Sinful Colors-Supernova ($2) This has been my favorite color this summer!

Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Pops ($3.50) I've been on a pretty strict diet/exercise program the past two months, so these have been an awesome find for me. After the kids go to bed and I desperately need to stress eat, I just have one of these instead. Since they're only 100 calories, I don't feel guilty.

Maybelline Lash Sensational ($7) I've used Rimmel mascaras the past few years & randomly picked this up.

Bellavitano Balsamic Cheese (grocery stores, $5)
I'm not a strong cheese person, but this was great. I also tried the Raspberry & Merlot ones and those were pretty great too!
Fake Greenery (Target, $3). I got the two little green guys below from the Target dollar section. They are awesome! They look really lifelike, and as I've already killed one houseplant this season, these are a great choice for me, and you just pop them into whatever container you want. My only regret is I didn't pick up more!

Metal Sign (The Word Within,  $50) On my wish list!
I also really love this one.. It could go anywhere, but I think it would look awesome in a boy's room:

Dog Tags ( Critter Bling, $14)
Because they're just cute. I want the top one. :)

Trader Joe's Dried Mango ($2.99) I love mangos, but they are such a mess. These are AMAZING. Delicious mango without any of the work.

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