Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Minecraft Party

 used a permanent marker to add creeper faces to bottles of sprite.

 diy pin the tail on the minecraft pig

 printed off labels from around the internet & found matching food

diy TNT label taped to an empty icing container & stuffed with licorice :)

 pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate

For the party favor, I had the kids each make a creeper shirt to take home. Super easy! Just found a creeper template, printed it out, traced it onto freezer paper, ironed the paper onto a shirt, & then had the kids paint them with fabric paint (be sure to put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the shirt!). The shirts were from Hobby Lobby and cost less than $3 each. I thought this was way better than sending them home with little bags of candy, and really not that much more expensive! :)

So that's it! Sam's 9th birthday party. Minecraft is a pretty awesome party theme. Even though there's not a lot out there, the graphics make it very easy for diy'ers.

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