Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mastectomy Hospital Bag

These kinds of posts have helped me feel as prepared as possible, so I thought I'd make my own to help anyone who may be where I've been. Since this is being posted after I got home, I can tell you what I actually used!

my cute Target weekender bag I never get to use.
a little bag of face cream, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, body spray, face wipes, lanyard. I used everything besides the spray & lanyard, but both of those have come in handy at home! I almost never use chapstick, but I've needed a lot of it post surgery.
laptop, kindle, and old letters to read through. I was way too miserable to read, but was glad to have my computer and phone (also chargers of course!).
My throat was really sore thanks to the breathing tube used during surgery, so the drops and mints were nice for that. I brought chocolate for myself and the hubby, but wasn't personally interested in mine.
Going home outfit-button up pajama top, bottoms, and slippers. I pinned the drains to the waist band of my pants.
Satin Robe-wasn't able to use this as I had an IV in my hand the entire stay.
Mastectomy Pillows that I made from this pattern. I actually forgot I brought these, but they probably would have been nice to use.

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